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Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 9


OmniCasino.com News

Beach Life Progressive Reaching € 2 MILLION

Heads up Omni members, if you have not been playing Beach Life lately you should be seriously thinking twice! As of this writing Beach Life has progressed to €1,989,779.56 and climbing faster than ever. We think it will hit the € 2 M mark within days. The word is out and players are coming in from around the globe to play.

Slots News

Chinese Kitchen is a great slot game that Omni Casino members are really starting to jump on. Unlike a 3 or 5-reel game, this game has 9 reels (or blocks) with 8 paylines. Players are quickly learning that you can sit for hours of entertainment and that it is actually common to win the top award!

When you click to spin the reels they all spin and then stop randomly, so there's no particular order in which they stop and showing the symbol. When all reels stop you get to see what winning combination made. What’s really fun is that winning combinations are almost like bingo. You can win left to right, up and down or diagonal!

The winning symbols are made up of various funny looking creatures that may end up in a Chinese Kitchen to make a meal. A chicken, then sea creatures such as starfish, crab, Octopus, normal fish and even a Turtle. There's then more unusual food creatures such as frogs, caterpillars and snails. You need 3 of any symbol to win and 1, 2 or 3 of the crab symbols to guarantee a payout. (Like a scatter)

When you click to spin you hear a frog croak and then a fish reeling like sound as the slot reels spin and then plop like sounds as each reel comes to a stop.

If you like this type of 9-reel slot game you’ll also be interested Vacation Station, Ultimate Fighters and Gold Rally!

Slots News


November 12th – 19th 2009

Presented by popular demand, Omni Casino is thrilled to hold our first Blackjack Tournament whereby you can win a share of $1,000 in cash!

How to play & win:

Everyone that plays real money blackjack between 00:01 GMT November 12th – 23:59 GMT November 19th is automatically entered into the tournament. Cash prizes are awarded to the top 10 players.

Number of hands played

For each hand played with a real money wager of $5 or more, you will receive one tournament point. The top 10 tournament points wins.

Prize pool $1,000.00

Place Prize Hands Played
1st $375  
2nd $225  
3rd $110  
4th $80  
5th $ 60  
6th $ 50  
7th $ 40  
8th $ 25  
9th $ 20  
10th $ 15  

A leader board will be updated on Friday the 13th, Monday the 16th and Wednesday the 18th. Final results posted Friday the 20th.
Here: http://www.omnicasino.com/winners/winners.asp

Game variations included in this tournament are single and multi-hand blackjack as well as blackjack switch and progressive blackjack.

Industry News


Presented by www.SunPoker.com

LAS VEGAS -- Joe Cada beat Darvin Moon heads-up to win the World Series of Poker Main Event title. Cada won $8,547,042 for finishing first and became the youngest Main Event champ at 21 years old. 2008 Main Event champion Peter Eastgate was the previous youngest champion at 22 years old. Moon took home $5,182,92 for his second-place finish.
The Main Event field started 6,494 players.

Moon, a no-name logger from Maryland came charging out of the gate. In the very first hand of the night, Moon picked up a sizable pot when his pocket queens bested Cada's pocket nines with the board reading 3s Ks 2d Ad Kc. With Cada's chip advantage cut nearly in half, it quickly became clear that this was anybody's game.

Moon kept the pressure on, showing he was unafraid to push around big stacks of chips. And after the 11th hand of the night, he seized the chip lead.

Cada eventually found his footing, making a stand in a large pot by firing out a 35-million chip bet. Moon folded and Cada regained the chip lead. But his lead was short-lived, with Moon putting the type of relentless pressure on Cada that Cada usually puts on other opponents.

Moon didn't take his foot off the gas when he opened up the 43-million chip lead. After seeing an ace-high flop, Cada fired out a 13 million bet. Moon raised several mountains of chips, and Cada mucked his hand immediately, giving Moon 145 million in chips and a 96-million chip lead.

A big pre-flop all-in bet from Cada halted Moon's momentum for one hand, but Moon continued to bet aggressively and won 14 of the first 21 hands after the break.

With 54 million left, Cada decided to make a stand. With the board reading 10-5-9-10, Moon check raised all in. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes, Cada called and turned over 9-J for two pair. Moon turned over 7-8 for an open-ended straight draw. Cada dodged the six and jack, and regained the chip lead, 108 million to 86.5 million.

"I made a mistake there," Moon said after the match. "That was a bad play. I should have pushed all in after the flop, but I waited and I knew I made a bad play when I saw that 10."

Cada's victory blow came eight hands later, when he re-raised Moon all in before the flop. Moon briefly checked his cards before making the call and the race was on. Cada flipped over pocket nines and Moon showed the queen and jack of diamonds.

The flop of 8c-2c-7s- missed both players. The king of hearts came on the turn, and the seven of clubs came on the river giving Cada two pair and the win.
"I knew where I stood," Moon said, explaining his last all-in call. "I looked at the chips and just figured that was my chance to push and then see if I could catch something. I really felt that's what I had to do at that time. I just didn't catch what I needed."

"Darvin Moon played great," Cada said after he had been presented the championship bracelet. "He really put me in some tough spots early on and I got off to a bad start. Before I knew it I was playing from behind again. But I was able to stay composed, battle back and here I am. It's an incredible feeling."
Visit Omni’s sister property www.SunPoker.com today.


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