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OmniCasino.com Newsletter

Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 2

3rd September, 2009

OmniCasino.com News

Yesterday, Present and Future

So, as we have just concluded our Desert Treasure Slot Tournament, we think it is only fitting that we write a few words on the seemingly timeless and ever popular slot machine.

Did you know that the very first mechanical slot machine dates back as far as the 1800’s? 1895 to be exact. A time when a jackpot of .50 cents would set the player’s heart to racing! We doubt that Charles Fey (the inventor of the slot machine) could have ever expected the success of his invention to be as long-lived and widespread as it has been.

For although many hardcore table game players find it somewhat monotonous to sit in front of a slot machine, slot enthusiasts however love to completely “zone out” and enjoy the thrill of instant gratification. Click the mouse and enjoy. Unlike Craps and other such games, slot players don’t have to think at all…and that is the appeal!

The simplistic nature of the game that may be a turn off to some is in fact the very thing that excites most others to play.

Given the fast pace in which technology evolves, so too does the slot machine. The varieties have become almost endless with themed video slots boasting cool bonus rounds with brilliant graphics along with realistic and captivating sound effects, all of which add to a positively exhilarating experience.

With all of this in mind, it is our pleasure to officially announce that we will be launching a stunning line up of “marvelous” new slots in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for an “incredible” and “iron” clad slot announcement sure to knock your socks off.

Slots News


Friday September 4, 2009

Just a little something to get your weekend off to a lucky start. All Omni Casino members are eligible to receive $/£/€ 20 free slot play between today and Friday September 4, 2009. To participate, all you need to have is an account balance of at least $/£/€ 20.00 or make a deposit $/£/€ 20.00 or more. To claim your free slot play credits, simply write to promo@omnicasino.com before 20:00 GMT Friday September 4, 2009 with your account number and name. We will credit all accounts before 21:30 GMT on the 4th.

Free slot play credits may be used at anytime and all of the credits are yours after playing-through at least $/£/€ 40.00 in any non-progressive slot. Credits may not be used for table game play, progressive games or video poker.

Industry News


SAN DIEGO, California -- As reported by UPI: "The leader of a card-cheating ring faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in San Diego federal court this week, officials said.

"Phuong Quoc Truong, 44, known in gambling circles as Pai Gow John, was a leader of the ring that took up to $7 million from 25 casinos around the world. In an era of high tech cheating, the Truong scheme was exceedingly old fashioned, Jeff Murphy, a casino security expert in Oregon told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

"The ring, which included 30 participants, relied on the false shuffle. The leaders of the ring recruited dealers from casinos around the country and taught them the skill they needed.
"Generally targeting baccarat, they would teach the dealer to create a slug. During the first deal, a recorder determines the order of cards and for the next deal, the dealer keeps a group of cards, usually up to 40, together, called a slug. Once the slug is reached, members of the ring bet on the next card to appear.

"Truong pleaded guilty of conspiracy and racketeering and agreed to forfeit property worth almost $2.8 million.


Message from the CEO

I want to thank all of our players that had participated in our first Desert Treasure slot tournament last week. The action was fast and exciting. Our second place winner not only took home the £300 prize, but also won £4,352.00 while playing! We have a huge slot announcement coming next week…be sure to read all about it!

Random Bits

Taking the Perfect Screen Shot

There are times when you may wish to have us take a look at something that occurred on your screen during your game play. Whether it's an error message, a huge slot win, or your account balance, with a few clicks of your mouse, the exact image can be emailed to us directly.

The best way to get this image from your computer screen is by taking a Screen Shot

Steps to the perfect Screen Shot:
Once the image is on your screen simply hit ALT + the “Print Screen” tab (located on the top row of your keyboard on the right hand side). Next, go to your programs, accessories, and select the Paint Program Once the blank page comes up please press "Ctrl" button hold it down and press the letter "V".  Should this fail, simply click on EDIT > PASTE within the paint program Then you will see your recent screen shot in this paint window.
Save the document simply hit File from the top menu of your paint pad and choose "save as" select save in "desktop". You may Name this file "Screen shot USERNAME ".  At the bottom on the save box in the 'save as type box’ choose JPEG format.  Select save.
Simply attach this as an attachment in an email to us at support@omnicasino.com
These steps can be used for every image on your screen over and over not only to assist your casino gaming quires but also for your personal every day use!



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