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Newsletter: Volume 1 - Issue 8


OmniCasino.com News

Raving reviews have been pouring into Omni Casino since the release of our new games. Over the last two months we have released 25 new games for your gaming entertainment. The Hulk and Iron Man are the new runaway favorites amongst the players, but Cherry Love and the classics Desert Treasures, Wall Street and Football Rules are close behind.

The winners keep piling up too. We had a winner last week win $10,000 during his bonus round. In fact, he came within just one scatter symbol of winning $40,000 on Iron Man! (He still won a cool $10,000).

Our new games are just the start of things to come. Over the next couple of months you will see a new Omni website that will be filled with great member features. We will also be delivering you a sleek new casino lobby design around the first of the year. You will be able to find all of your favorite games in a snap and we will be able to provide you with up to the minute promotions, announcements and news items.

All of this is being done in celebration of Omni Casino’s 12th anniversary. Did you know that Omni Casino has been around longer than 99% of all other online casinos? It’s true. Omni Casino turns 12 in November and with thousands of loyal members dedicated to us, we are dedicated to providing you the best online gaming experience for another 12 years.

Slots News


What would you do with over  €1.6 MILLION? The Beach Life Progressive is getting to ridiculous levels and it’s a matter of time before it’s won. Go get your millions today!

Slots News



EVERYONE GETS $20.00. Everyone that wants it…gets it! To qualify and claim your free Halloween bash cash you must already be a member of Omni Casino and have deposited at least $50 into the casino in September or October of this year.

If you are a member that has yet to make your first deposit, or a member that has not deposited in September or October, you have until Friday October 30, 2009 at 18:00 GMT to do so.

Getting your cash:

Just write to support@omnicasino.com before 18:00 GMT Friday October 30, 2009 with the subject line: “Halloween Bash Cash”

Please include your account number and first and last name. Our team will credit your account between 18:00-20:00 GMT on Friday.

Want TRIPLE free cash?

We’ll triple your Halloween cash to $60.00! Simply make a deposit(s) of $250 or more between Tuesday October 27, 2009 and Friday October 30, 2009 before 18:00 GMT and we’ll triple your claim to $60.00!

Getting your TRIPLE cash:

Just write to support@omnicasino.com before 18:00 GMT Friday October 30, 2009 with the subject line: “Halloween Bash Cash 3X IT!”

Please include your account number and first and last name. Our team will credit your account between 18:00-20:00 GMT on Friday.

*Halloween free credits are for wagering purposes on slots and keno. A10X play-through of free credits is required before you withdraw. Winnings are yours.

Industry News

Wynn Las Vegas dealer sues for secondhand smoke

LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- A Wynn Las Vegas employee is suing the hotel-casino, claiming it is an unsafe workplace because of secondhand smoke.

The federal lawsuit filed Tuesday, which seeks class action status, alleges the casino encouraged patrons to light up and disciplined workers if they complained.
The court filing by Wynn dealer Kanie Kastroll accuses Wynn Las Vegas of breaching its duty to provide a safe workplace for employees and seeks damages of more than $5 million.

Kastroll has suffered asthma and other health problems while working for Wynn, her lawyers allege. Kastroll has retained Chicago-based class action law firm Kamber Edelson.

The firm may be best known for its class action lawsuit against the makers of the Thomas the Tank toy. That lawsuit, which was based on claims the toy used lead paint, was settled for $30 million.

Wynn Las Vegas is the second major resort operator to be hit with a lawsuit recently because of secondhand smoke dangers.

Kamber Edelson is representing a former Harrah's Entertainment employee in a similar complaint filed this summer against Harrah's and Caesars Palace. Kamber Edelson attorney Jay Edelson called the cases "similar," but claims Wynn also failed to protect pregnant employees from cancer-causing smoke.

"Frankly, that makes me sick," he said. "I didn't hear that (from pregnant) Harrah's employees."

Wynn Resorts did not have a policy to protect pregnant workers from secondhand smoke, according to the complaint. That decision was left to their individual supervisors' discretion.

Wynn spokesman Ean Tivon said the company would not comment on the lawsuit.

Kastroll, a four-year employee of Wynn, says she decided to sue her employer to protect her health and that of her fellow employees and nonsmoking customers.
"I thought it was way overdue. I was concerned about my health and that of my co-workers," she said. "Customers come up to me all the time and ask for nonsmoking."

Wynn has a smoke-free poker room. However, Kastroll deals "multiple games" and usually works in a smoking environment.

"Only customers can request a smoke-free table," she said.
The lawsuit also alleges that Wynn Las Vegas allows gamblers to blow smoke directly in the faces of its dealers, and forbids the dealers from protesting. If casino patrons ask employees if they can smoke, the employees are required to say yes, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also notes that the resort encourages smoking by offering free cigarettes to gamblers.

Employees could be disciplined if they disobeyed any Wynn policies, the lawsuit claims.

"Dozens of Wynn employees were interviewed over the past six months, and the type of health problems ranged from headaches and asthma to lung cancer, Edelson said.

Kastroll's asthmatic condition was "exacerbated" by the secondhand smoke she was exposed to on the job, according to the complaint. She also allegedly suffered from shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea.

"I didn't have asthma when I came to Wynn," she said. "I can't say what caused it. Probably 20 years in casinos."

Making casinos smoke-free is not the goal of the litigation, the lawyer maintained. The purpose of the lawsuit is to force the resort to protect its employees at the same level as most other Las Vegas casinos do, Edelson said.

"Other resorts have better ventilation systems and some nonsmoking tables," he explained. "Wynn just has to do things as well as the other casinos."

The lawsuit against Wynn Las Vegas resulted from the Harrah's lawsuit, Edelson said.

"When we filed, we started getting all these calls from other casino workers, and the overwhelming number were about Wynn."


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“The Player’s Voice” at Omni Times!

We are introducing a section just for you. This is where you the player get the opportunity to have personal input. We welcome your thoughts on any gaming related matter whatsoever. Be it a quote, a short article you’ve come up with, industry news that you’d like to put the spotlight on, or it could be as simple as a funny cartoon. Email it to news@omnicasino.com and receive $25 in bonus if your piece is chosen. If you would like your picture included, we would love to have it!




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